My first Blog..

So, this is my first entry after starting my Aikido Exeter blog. I have started an Aikido dojo in Exeter  late January of this year in an attempt to take charge of my own training and to spread Yoshinkan Aikido, the dojo is located at 1West street, Exeter. Just up the road from the house that moved‘. Recently I have also managed a website for my dojo  –Aikido Yoshinkai Exeter- thanks to a couple of helpful, not to mention techy friends.

What I aim to do is to make this blog a parking spot for my thoughts and reflections on training with anecdotes and occasional analysis. I also hope to use this blog to post news, updates and upcoming training opportunities. Initially, I considered starting my blog by adding my old articles and notes chronologically, but later decided to upload my reflections as they happened.

This blog, along with my website page and twitter account will in time cover a lot of what we do at the dojo and hopefully contain interesting information and tidbits.

The dojo is up and running now, please feel free to pop in, call us or contact us via any of the means above.


About Aikido Yoshinkai Exeter

I run a small dojo of Yoshinkan Aikido in Exeter, Devon in the UK. The dojo started in Exeter in Jan 2013. There are a couple of Dojos in Exeter that train in Aikido, but we are the only Yoshinkan Aikido dojo in the area. The name of the dojo is Aikido Yoshinkai Exeter, and my instructor in Robert Mustard sensei. My experience in Martial Arts is exclusive to Yoshinkan Aikido in which I have trained for over 8 years now. I have traveled near and far to train and to date I continue to do so. I have had the honour of training with a few remarkable martial artists. I have also trained with Joe Thambu shihan (7th Dan) on many seminars over the past 7 years for whom I hold great admiration for his skill. In the UK we are fortunate to have instructors visiting regularly, Payet shihan (7th Dan), Ando shihan (7th Dan) and Takeno shihan (9th dan). Our club is closely linked with other Yoshinkan Dojo's in the UK and maintain friendly relations with them. email: twitter: @aikidoexeter

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